Surface Pro 8 prototype surfaces, showing massive bezels, have a similar design, but with improved memory and GPS.

The Surface Pro 8 seems to be opening prematurely as additional images of Microsoft’s Windows 10 tablet are said to have been discovered. However, unlike many technology companies out there, Microsoft may not be too interested in improving the design because you will find it quickly when you stare at the gallery. At least potential buyers will be happy to have a specifications upgraded.

Task Manager Surface Open on Pro 8 reveals 32GB RAM and Intel Iris X graphics

The Surface Pro 8 is the prototype Seen before. At the time, it was revealed that Microsoft could be upgraded to a larger profile compared to what it had done with previous models. According to the listed hardware, those end cards may have 16GB of RAM instead of the previous generation Surface Pro models, and the Surface Pro 8 may be considered a replacement for 32GB of RAM.

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This update is a welcome change, especially for users who prefer a smaller device that can handle multiple memory-intensive workloads. The current operating frequency of the Surface Pro 8 also looks like 2.72GHz, however, the prototype was reported to be playing Intel 11-generation Core i7-1165G7. Depending on the efficiency of the cooling solution, the Surface Pro 8 can withstand a more prolonged clock speed.

This can affect battery life, but if Microsoft equips the slate with 32GB of RAM, it may even provide an extra CPU kick. Unfortunately, the design does not seem to have changed in comparison Surface Pro7. You still get those limited bezels, which are connected to a very limited I / O, but at least you have USB-C, but if Microsoft knew, it would not support Thunderbolt 3. Almost done, so we’re still going around, allowing Microsoft to produce a presentation for customers and magazines.

Since the Surface Pro 8 is expected to be a premium device, Microsoft will charge a hefty amount for it. This time, however, we hope the company removes the 4GB RAM, 128GB storage option, and elevates the memory to a respectable one. If it can win the competition so far, even Microsoft will not be able to catch up.

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