Republican senator says he will step down if Biden does not have access to intelligence explanations by Friday

“He has no loss from getting explanations, he can do it,” he told KRMG, a Longford radio station, noting that he was sitting on the Senate oversight committee and that he had already begun to get involved in the issue.

If the Oklahoma Republican Party does not make any progress on the issue by Friday, he will step in and say, “This must happen, so regardless of the outcome of the election, no matter which way it goes, the task is for people to be ready for that real situation.”

Langford’s comment comes as Pitton and his senior advisers are present The daily summary of the President has not yet been received, Highly assorted intelligence explanations on compressing national security issues, their precursor will be provided soon.
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence said Monday that Biden’s lack of access has been coming from the election Not yet diagnosed by the Public Service Administration – A clear indication that the Biden Change Committee did not receive the same summaries that presidential electors typically receive.
It is unclear whether the race must be found before the president-elect can legally receive explanations. Biden said That Daily explanations are “useful, but not necessary.”
Langford on Wednesday briefly noted the 2000 shift, which the bipartisan 9/11 report said Contributed to the lack of security preparedness Before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
“Vice President Biden did not fail to get explanations to prepare himself and he was ready – the President is already getting them,” said Langford, who was elected Vice President. Kamala Harris, A Democratic senator from California who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, also has the appropriate permissions to begin obtaining explanations.

Sen, who belongs to the top Democrats of the Investigation Commission. Mark Warner also called on Biden to explain.

“As with every other change, the president should order Biden and his team to get the PDP, as it has done in the past, even in the 2000 election,” Warner said Wednesday. “It is irresponsible to prevent this in these uncertain times.”

Like His Republican colleaguesAfter every major news outlet predicted his victory on Saturday, Langford did not go so far as to acknowledge that Biden was elected president.
Longford defended Many legal conflicts with the president, The best thing right now is that Trump can “get real answers” by pursuing legal procedures before registering for an election college ballot in December.

Meanwhile, Langford said, “Joe Biden can continue to act, say, ‘I’m elected president,’ and if you want to say it, do it, you’s able to do your job. The president is not so fast. Ask them. “

Langford noted that if its legal action is not followed by the president, it could trigger conspiracies among Trump supporters.

But there are judges Quickly dismissed Cases that seek to raise the possibility of voting irregularities, while election experts make it clear that the extent of Biden’s victory is such that court cases cannot be reversed, and that existing court cases have very few votes, if any, that is important.
Asked about concerns at the Pentagon Secretary of Defense Mark Esper opened fire Monday Other moves by the administration questioning the peaceful transfer of power, Langford replied, “I assure you, there will be a peaceful transfer of power in the United States.”

In the days leading up to the election, Langford underestimated the importance of the Esper shooting, saying it was “apparently long-planned” and not just “from a petty incident months ago”.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government, and sought to justify military action.

“It was a clear signal behind the scenes for a good change at the Pentagon,” Langford said.

CNN’s Manu Raju, Zachary Cohen, Alex Margard and Caitlin Poland contributed to the report.

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