Random: Here’s how Microsoft’s Bill Spencer reacted to Minecraft Steve’s Smash Brothers meat

Steve Smash Brothers

You may know this story by now, but when Minecraft’s Steve joined the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate list earlier this month, fans quickly discovered his success on screen The most unfortunate meat job opportunity. It quickly made rounds on social media and became one of the biggest gaming stories of the day – because of the internet.

Its Actually fixed now – The game’s latest link now lets Steve simply hang his meat – but not before showing Microsoft’s Bill Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, how it looks.

Stephen Tottillo of Kotaku tells the story:

Of course, Minecraft and its developer Mojang are now part of the Xbox family, so it is interesting to note that Spencer was not aware that this screen was in the game until its release. We particularly like that last line, which was said only with the slightest disbelief: “I think it will be fixed.”

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