Prince Harry and Megan Markle paid Frogmore

    Prince Harry and Megan Markle received themselves Netflix deal A rumor-1 was worth 50-100 million, which allowed them Refund British taxpayers for Fragmore cottage renovation. What, congratulations! According to a source who spoke Vanity Fair State Correspondent Katie Nicole, the couple Thrilled They were able to get their money back very quickly — especially since they faced a ton of criticism over how much their renewal cost.

    The source says that Meghan and Harry were “very relieved and very happy” to be able to repay the money so quickly, “it was a proactive move and something they wanted to do from the beginning. [from the Queen] They had to pay back the money, but what they did was important to them, they were in a position to do so after the Netflix deal. I think this is a very important moment for them. They are now in their eternal home, the beginning of their new life, and they are looking forward to everything that is to come. ”

    Spokesman for the couple They promised to refund the money A statement from the Duke of Sussex said, “This contribution has been made to fully cover the cost of the necessary renovation of the Frogmore Cottage, the property of His Majesty the Queen, as originally provided by Prince Harry.”

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    On top of this gospel, Meghan and Harry Is said to have achieved financial independence And have long used money from the Duchy of Prince Charles of Cornwall. The New York Times “An earlier version of this article misrepresented the source of income for Prince Harry and his wife, Megan. , As they did before leaving the UK. “

    Where I appoint Meghan and Harry’s financial advisor.

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