Ohio State vs Indiana Score, Takeaways: No. 3 Bucks Justin Fields Turnover, Margin No. 9 Hosiers

No. 3 Ohio State beat 9th Indiana 42-35 in a one-game roller coaster on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio. The Buckeyes were able to hold on to a couple of turning points early in the game to take a 28-7 lead into the locker room at half-time, and they looked well on their way to a comfortable victory. Indiana had other ideas.

Although the Hosiers were initially unable to use the turnover money, Ohio State was able to turn it into a game by exploiting the second half in the second half. Again, Indiana quarterback Michael Phoenix Jr. found secondary open recipients to cut to the Ohio state lead. The Hosiers came back 42-35 in the fourth quarter, and then Indiana dropped Ohio state revenue late in the 10-yard line. The Buckeys defense saved the day, quickly forcing three in and out. The Hoosiers got one more chance, but little time and time again.

Ohio State Quarterback Justin Fields crossed 300 yards, accelerating 78 yards, finishing with three total touchdowns; However, he threw all three interceptions without throwing one all season. Overcoming Indiana’s Phoenix field with 495 yards and five touchdowns. Ohio State advanced 4-0 this season, while Indiana dropped to 4-1, but need to get more places in the new AB Top 25 on Sunday.

The full game CBS Sports was with you to update this story with the analysis and highlights of Ohio State-Indiana below. Wait for the game to exit.

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