Obama in Michigan: Trump worries about his ego, Biden concerned about ‘keeping your family safe’

The event in Flint, Michigan, is the first of two events the former president will headline with Biden on Saturday, followed by another event in Detroit. The two events, which will be the first time the two have been on stage together on a presidential ticket since 2012, will take place on Tuesday in Michigan, mainly in the black cities that will be key to Biden’s victory.

Obama’s remarks include Trump’s blistering denunciations – including mocking his attention at the size of the crowd and underestimating his economic achievements – but the first event on Flint on Saturday was a departure from previous Obama appearances because he praised former President Biden’s character.

“Joe Biden is my brother, I love Joe Biden, he will be a great president,” Obama said, adding that although he did not know Biden well when he chose him as his partner, he soon learned that Biden had been treated “with dignity and respect” by all.

“That dignity and empathy, that hard work and trust in family and trust, that counts for everyone, that’s who Joe is, that he’s going to be president,” Biden said, “making me a better president.”

“He has the character and experience to make us a better country,” Obama added. “He and Kamala (Harris) are going to fight, not for themselves, but for each of us. We can’t say for sure what we can’t say about the president right now.”

Obama then turned his attention to Trump and criticized the president Unsubstantiated claim At a recent event, doctors raised the number of corona virus deaths for monetary gain.

“Now he’s blaming doctors for profiting from the epidemic. Think about it,” Obama said incredulously. “He can’t understand. He doesn’t understand the idea that someone would risk his life to save others without trying to make a buck.”

Obama was more personal when he questioned why Trump was determined about the size of the crowd at his events.

“Did he have anything to worry about? Didn’t anyone come to his birthday party when he was a kid? Was he shocked?” Obama asked. “What’s with the crowd?”

Those jokes were central to Obama’s argument against Trump and Biden.

“You know when a country goes through an epidemic, you don’t have to worry about it,” Obama said. “This is the difference between Joe Biden and Trump. Trump cares about feeding his ego. Joe cares about keeping you and your family safe. And he’s not interested in feeding his ego by having bigger meetings than just making sure he’s not going sick. To be expected. ”

The location of their first joint appearance underscores the key question for Democrats: Will voters who did not vote for Hillary Clinton vote for Biden?

On a sunny Saturday afternoon as people ran down the road, Obama and Biden arrived at their drive-in rally in Flint, Genesis County. Four years ago, Hillary Clinton received 26,000 fewer votes than Obama and Biden did in 2012.

A second stop for Obama and Biden is scheduled for Saturday in Detroit, which is in Wayne County, where the fall among voters was even more dramatic. Clinton received 75,000 fewer votes than the Democrats in 2012.

Taken together, the two districts alone represented the Democrats with less than 100,000 votes in 2016. Trump led Michigan by a margin of 10,704 votes.

“We can’t be complacent,” Obama said. “Not this time. Not in this election. We had a little bit of complacency in the last election.”

Horns paid homage loudly in the parking lot as Obama appealed to Michigan voters to “come back here as before.” “Imagine if 60% of us voted and 70% voted,” he asked the people.

The corona virus epidemic has dramatically increased the presidential race, with Democrats turning their campaign into a virtual contest. Democrats have not questioned the decision, but say they are concerned that the lack of a traditional field program could lead Biden to shift the vote to the margins they need.

When Biden stepped on stage, he nodded at the fact that it might be strange for Democrats to hear the former president speak.

“It reminds me of how good it is to listen to him, doesn’t it?” Biden asked.

Echoed former Vice President Obama’s comments, especially when he slandered Trump harshly for falsely advising doctors to make more money when the number of corona viruses is high.

“He falsely suggested that they raise the number of Govt deaths to make more money,” Biden said. “What the hell is wrong with this man? Forgive my language, but think about it. It’s perverse.”

Biden added, “He can believe it because he did nothing but make money. The people of this nation have suffered and sacrificed for nine months, and there is no one but the leading doctors and health workers. The president is questioning their character? Their honesty? Commitment? It’s more than an attack, it’s a shame. “

Obama has been one of Biden’s strongest defenders in the campaign trail, using a series of events this month to show that he is indifferent and indifferent to Trump’s presidency. At this critical juncture, Obama has routinely declared Pittsburgh the right man for the presidency Corona virus Is constantly spreading and the economy is buzzing.

The most pointed criticism of Obama by Trump this month is centered on the corona virus, which continued Saturday in Michigan.

“What’s his final argument? People are paying more attention to Gov. He said this at one of his rallies. Gov., Gov., Gov., he complains,” Obama said in Florida this week. “He is jealous of Govt’s media coverage. If he had focused on Govt from the beginning, the cases across the country this week would not have reached new record levels.”

On Saturday, Obama announced the election was crucial to the country’s future. The former president mentioned what was going on during the Michigan-Michigan state football game, a hot match that was “in line” with the Paul Banyan Trophy.

“But this Tuesday,” Obama said. “Everything is on line.”

This report has been updated with additional reporting.

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