Nick Field Claire Crawley’s ‘Prom Gate’ Weight – ‘Stop Dimming Claire, Stop Harassing Her’

In the 2nd week of Claire Crawley’s season The Bachelorette, He mentioned that he never went to a concert. Shortly after the episode aired, a photo of a dance came out (social media user said it was a prom). Naturally, the fans began to give her a hard time. Here are the ones Former Bachelor Nick FieldThoughts on the situation.

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Claire Crawley says she did not go to the concert on the second episode of ‘The Bachelorette’

Oct., during the 20th chapter The Bachelorette, Said Claire Competitor Session That she did not go to the high school concert.

“To be honest I don’t have the greatest high school experience,” he said. “I never went to a concert… no one asked me. No, no one even knows who I was in high school. I was invisible, I think. I felt invisible. I think you will appreciate it more because you know what it is like to be on the other side of it, you know the invisible or the invisible, the invisible. ”

Shortly after Claire shared her story, an Instagram user posted a photo of Claire dancing with her husband.

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“My husband took La Claregralli to a senior concert, la Claregrale you went to the concert,” they said. Wrote. “Note: He went to all the girls ‘school, he went to all the boys’ school you like, Sr. Paul or Sr. Prom, which happened in the spring.”

Since then, the fan has reportedly personalized his account and deleted the post.

Nick Field responded to ‘Prom Gate’

Nick, of course, couldn’t help but weigh the play. Although he lied, he thinks the Bachelor Nation Clare should be fired.

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“Bromgate … a thread,” he began. “1) If you want to have fun talking about this picture of Clare in a high school dance… Cool, this is a fun show, it’s fun and fun to discuss. 2) If you look at this photo and make blanket assumptions about Claire’s character. ”

“Then you have to cool down. ) Lied about stupid sh * t.

“We don’t know why we’re doing that. Stop Dimming Claire, stop harassing her in her comments, get out,” she tweeted.

Claire Crawley says she never went to a party

Really Claire Responded to a fan “Clarecroly you were exposed,” he wrote.

“LOL not really,” he replied There is! News. “Did you know that there are a lot of non-prom dances in high school? Someone is digging up old photos. (I don’t know why she has old dance pictures of her husband). I went to a new school senior year and didn’t really go to the concert like I said. ”

Following his post, Instagram user who posted the image is said to have apologized to Claire.

“Claire did not go to the concert with my husband, this is another dance, I apologize for my mistake,” the site reports fan writing.

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