Nate Jorgiren, the new coach of the Indiana Pacers, says he wants to work because of the team’s talent

Indianapolis – New Indiana Pacers coach Nate Jorgiren went to work Wednesday.

Within 24 hours of accepting the job, the 45-year-old former Toronto Raptors assistant began explaining his plan.

He expects the pacers to move the ball and take more 3-pointers. He wants security to be even more disruptive. He promises not to be locked into cycles and is willing to take risks. Perhaps most importantly, he believes there should be more communication between coaches and players.

Kevin Pritchard, head of basketball operations, hoped to find out when he landed on a training quest two months ago.

“There are people in this world who bring energy and you want to be around them,” Pritzard said after introducing Bjorgren on the Zoom call.

“I think it’s a litmus test when those guys call you. You can not wait to pick up the phone. Nate has those traits, and when he saw his presentation he formed a vision. He’s going to be the coach I can see in my mind. We know he’s the right guy.”

Evidence for that will come in a timely manner.

But for the first time the NBA head coach has certainly put forward a different perspective that a pacers fan can embrace after years of watching semi-court basketball.

Bjorkgren wants to distort those terms. He prefers a growing style that only fits the circumstances.

“We’ll be a fun team to watch,” he said. “You’m going to see a lot of movement on both sides of the ball, different people are manipulating the ball and pushing it to the ground. We like to use the 3 – point line. I think that’s the destructive part. “

Bjorkgren worked his training style mostly with Raptors coach Nick Nurse.

The nurse first hired Jorgiren as an assistant with Iowa Energy in 2007. Following their first season, Jர்கrgren described how he and the nurse held daily whiteboard sessions to discuss strategy.

Over the next seven seasons it was in the G-League – with three nurse assistants and four head coaches – where Jorgiren learned the value of flexibility. With a small training staff and ever-changing lists, Dakota was able to go 126-74 with the Wizards, Santa Cruz Warriors, Energy and Bakersfield Jam before joining Phoenix Suns in 2015.

“You have to change very quickly and often,” Jorgiren said. “You can be in a shootout, two guys will be summoned, another will go overseas, so you have to be a flight coach. You need to know that the next guy will be there.

He hired those lessons when he reunited with a nurse in Toronto two years ago.

In Bjorkgren’s first season with the Raptors, Kavi Leonard The No. 2 seed of the Eastern Conference led to its first NBA Championship. Leonard leaving the free company last summer did not change much in terms of philosophy or success.

The Raptors still went 53-19, earning a second seed in the East and coming to the semifinals of the conference before losing to Boston in seven games.

So, when Pritchard saw Toronto’s 23-12 post – season record in the last two seasons, he was sold out, compared to the Pacers’ playoff mark of 3-16 in the last four seasons.

“I think it’s important to take risks in the NBA today,” Britzard said. “We think it’s helpful to you, maybe not early, but can get in line at the playoffs, which is why we want to be better.”

Pritchard’s biggest off-season question is twice the future of All-Star Victor Oladipo, Who can become a free agent after next season.

“He feels good about the team and he talked to me about how he thinks this team is going to be so much better,” Pritchard said. “We hear a lot of things, but until it comes to me, I don’t care about it.”

Maybe J ஜோrgren, with his new approach, can help keep Oladibo staying.

“I really liked this job because of the talent of this team,” Jorgiren said. “You know, they’re great basketball players, they’re even better human beings. It’s very special for me to know more about them in the last 24 hours, and I’m looking forward to learning more about them as we move forward.”

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