Moulin Rouge Stops Controversial Snake Act, But Activists Unhappy: ‘We Don’t Trust Him’ | Abroad

Animal activists will demonstrate at the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris on Wednesday. They demand that the theater immediately stop using pythons on stage. “They want to stop, but do not say exactly when,” explains the animal association Paris Animals Zoopolis (PAZ). “That’s why we don’t trust him.”

Every evening at the Moulin Rouge, a half-naked dancer can be seen swimming in a huge aquarium with snakes several meters long. The woman makes graceful movements in the water while a snake coils around her body. She also emerges from the water with a bigeye python draped over her shoulders.

There has been controversy over this performance. French press research, for example, would show that the animals are “recorded” during the show. Their mouths and anuses would be taped shut. This prevents them from biting or droppings from entering the tank with the dancer. On the video footage, there is a kind of silver band to see the snakes.

Due to the commotion, the Moulin Rouge decided to end the act, but without giving a specific date. The media are told it will be “early 2024”. Animal welfare has always been our top priority. “In society, people now think differently about well-being and that’s why we stop this performance.”

“They want to stop but do not say exactly when,” explains the animal association Paris Animals Zoopolis (PAZ). “So we don’t trust him. Postponement should not become an adjustment. We will continue to campaign until there are really no more animals to see at the Moulin Rouge. That’s why we are protesting today,” says Amandine Sanvisens, founder of PAZ.

The world-famous theater has been around since 1889. Every night, two shows with dozens of half-naked dancers attract tourists from all over the world. Each year, 600,000 visitors come to drink around 240,000 bottles of champagne.

The theater was under fire

In recent months, the Moulin Rouge has been the target of fire because of the pythons. “Animal suffering has no place on a stage,” said De Groenen board member Douchka Markovic. “The use of snakes is in contradiction with the natural behavior of this wild animal species”, write two aldermen in a letter to the Moulin Rouge.

The animals go back and forth every day, from their owner who lives at the gates of the capital, to the theater in the Pigalle district in Paris. They are in steel crates which are transported by van.


According to the aldermen, the theater uses protected species of pythons that do not normally live in water. The Moulin Rouge disputes the latter: “These are snakes that can live both on land and in water.” The treatment of the animals and their “working conditions” would be completely in accordance with the rules and, moreover, there is supervision. by a veterinarian. “The owner of the animals has all the necessary permits, including to show the animals to the public.”

Paris Animals Zoopolis has already demonstrated at the Moulin Rouge and launched a petition which has now been signed by more than 30,000 people. “Our fundamental objection is that animals are neither toys nor attractions. They don’t belong on a stage with music and applause,” Sanvisens said. “And animals have to deal with stress. also has temperature fluctuations. It’s just not good for them.”

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