Monday Updates: Bettis County reports two Govt-19 related deaths; The second highest number of deaths in the middle of Missouri

Update 6:20 PM: Bettys County Health Department reports two more deaths related to COVID-19 since the latest update Friday.

According to the department, the total number of cases has increased by 59 to 1,727.

The number of new active cases dropped from 21 to 451.

The number of rescuers rose seven percent to 1,250.

Admission to hospital due to COVID-19 was 18.

According to the latest update on Oct. 17, the county’s positive rate is 11.7 percent.

When it comes to hospitals, according to the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA), the three main criteria are medical bed availability, ICU availability, and ventilator availability.

According to the MHA, the availability of the ventilator and the bed are both green near the next level. ICU availability is 29 percent yellow.

The numbers admitted to Boone County Hospital are much higher than they were a week ago

Update 5:30 PM: Columbia / Boone County Public Health and Human Services reports 25 new cases, the lowest number of new cases since Oct. 12.

The number of active cases has dropped from 49 to 340. Of the 338 cases registered since Oct. 13, it is the lowest number active in the county.

The county reported a total of 5,956 lawsuits and 5,600 recoveries, according to the new dashboard.

The five-day average has been steadily declining, with Saturdays and Sundays falling from 52 on weekends to 43 on Mondays.

The health department said a large number had been admitted to the hospital. The department reported that 90 had been admitted to the hospital, and the record was set 91 weeks ago on October 19th.

About 20 percent of all hospitals are Boone County residents.

The county reported 31 patients in the ICU, 15 of whom are on ventilators.

According to the Boone County COVID-19 Information Center, hospitals still have no problems.

The CBS 14-day rate has risen slightly to 40.9, the highest since September 29th.

The district has risen slightly since Oct. 14, but was in the 39 to 41 range last week.

Many Missouri districts report deaths due to corona virus

Update 4:21 PM: Randolph, Monito and Osage County all report one COVID-19 death per district because they are all updating new information to their districts.

The Osage County Department of Health The Corona virus reports a new death published for the novel.

Osage County COVID-19 cases have nearly quadrupled in the past month, according to district officials.

Kim Salin wrote on Facebook with the department that Osage County led the state in more cases than the population last week.

The county reported a total of 517 cases, 90 active cases and 425 recoveries.

The department said they have hired new staff and are working tirelessly to get all the cases.

Tomorrow, the Department of Communication Tracers said Department of Health and Senior Services We will assist the Osage County Department of Health in our investigations as the current volume is too high for our staff to handle on time.

Most of the county’s recent cases over the past month have been viral as a result of large events or meetings where social events are practically non-existent and masks are not worn. From one meeting, in particular, 25% of contacts were positive.

In Randolph County, the health department also announced one death, the eighth death related to the corona virus.

According to the dashboard update, the county has 11 less active cases, bringing the total to 185.

The county currently has 13 active cases in the hospital, 22 new cases related to the Moberly Correctional Center, and 15 new cases involving the eruption of another church living facility in the county.

A total of 52 new cases have been raised to 673.

Recoveries are reported to have risen to 480.

The Monito County Health Center Reports the tenth death of a Monito County resident due to COVID-19.

The resident was in their 60s.

Miller County Report on COVID-19 Death; The Montgomery County Health Department is changing times due to an increase in cases

Update 3:45 PM: The Miller County Health Center is reviewing 19 deaths related to COVID-19.

A death caused by COVID-19 includes persons identified as having a positive COVID-19 case who died as a result of the disease, or from a death certificate listed as the underlying or contributing factor to COVID-19 death.

According to their dashboard, the county is reporting 48 new cases. This brings the total number of cases in the county to 950.

The county has 148 active cases, up 15 percent from Friday.

Dashboard reports 25 new restores. The county has reported 783 recoveries since March.

In Montgomery County, the district health department said an increase in cases would force shifting hours starting Thursday.

The county has not reported new numbers since Friday. But they were updated on October 21 and Oct. 23. The difference between last Wednesday and Friday is 29.

Our health department time will be Monday-Friday 8: 30-2: 00. This will give employees the opportunity to make the necessary inquiries and other work to continue to provide services to the residents of Montgomery County.

Officials say office hours will be adjusted accordingly as cases begin to dwindle.

Jefferson City School District will close Thanksgiving Week

Update 2:45 PM: Jefferson City School District will close its buildings for all of its Thanksgiving weeks.

JC Schools Superintendent Tim Lindagam announced the change in a letter to parents Monday.

Schools were already set up on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays that week. Lintakam wrote that he would leave the district on Monday and Tuesday of that week.

“Every building across the district will be closed for the week so all of our staff have the opportunity to rest, refuel and return to the revived‘ in-seat ’school to continue the semester before the winter break,” Lindagam wrote.

Thanks November 26.

The district has faced some challenges over the past two months since opening its buildings during the COVID-19 epidemic. Students at Jefferson City Middle Schools returned to classes on Monday after being out for two weeks due to the number of isolated staff.

The district has reported 112 students and 77 staff have been infected with the corona virus since school began. A further 260 students and 39 staff are considered close contacts of those who tested positive.

Missouri COVID-19 positive rate reaches new high

Update 9:27 AM: Missouri’s COVID-19 positive rating hit a new high on Monday, according to the state Department of Health.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Corona Virus Dashboard said The statewide positive rate was 22.7%.

The rate has been higher than 20% since Oct. 14, according to the department’s calculations.

Missouri has reported 1,527 cases since Sunday, according to new data released by the state dashboard. Five deaths related to the virus rose to 2,810 on Monday, the health ministry said.

Missouri was ranked 11th in new COVID-19 cases last week, with 11,095 cases reported, according to the Dashboard. The state had the seventh highest number of corona virus deaths, at 65.

The Department of Health reports that there are 1,399 Missouri hospitals due to COVID-19.

Cole County RV moves 7-12 grades online

Cole County R.V. Moves multiple quality levels online As of Monday, the district had a post on its website.

District officials said grades 7-12 will be virtual until Nov. 9.

Elementary school students and teachers will conduct face-to-face classes on Monday, the website said.

The website says decisions regarding high school sports will be made later.

School leaders said students will get hot meals in virtual learning. Meals must be requested before 8:30 a.m. by pickup at 10:45 a.m. behind the elementary school cafeteria.

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