Megan Markle’s former ‘Suits’ co-star Patrick J. Adams says he was ‘intimidated’ to call the Duchess of Sussex

Megan Marklin Ex-screen love interest “intimidated” on phone Duchess of Sussex.

Patrick J. Adams, Who played American legal drama “lawsuits” The 39-year-old admitted she was nervous about calling the former American actress, Resident of Santa Barbara, California., With her husband, Prince Harry, And Their son, Archie.

“Very frankly, I think I was intimidated,” the 39-year-old said Radio Times, As quoted UK Daily Mail On Monday.

“I have no doubt I can call her at any time, but I do not know what to say,” the Canadian actor admitted. “After our children were born, some texts were sent and gifts were sent, but I think I’m a little scared. I think it’s pure fear. I think I’m scared at the thought of having to break down any walls to have that conversation.”

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Adams and Markle worked together on “suits” for seven years. Markle left the series before getting married in 2018 Duke of Sussex, 36, that year. Adams was a guest At the TV wedding, With many of his fellow actors. The “lawsuits” ended in 2019.

Patrick J. Adams and Megan Markle starred in the USA Network’s legal drama “Suites”.
(USA Network)

“We’ve talked twice and texted, but Megan’s life has been incredibly full, and she’s been guiding a lot,” Adams told the store. “We will never spend any time together, but her life is nothing more than an absolute magnification in many ways.”

On Friday, Adams also said Access Hollywood He has not met Markle since he returned to the United States with his family.

“I think she’s very busy, but I’m glad she’s in the States,” he told the store. “I miss my friend, but I’m so glad she’s fine.”

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Adams also praised his television wife for urging Americans to vote 2020 Presidential Election.

“I am very happy that he gave so much voice to help with the election in November and did everything he could,” Adams said.

Patrick Jr. has not spoken to former co-star Megan Markle recently. Adams says he became Duchess of Sussex when he married Britain's Prince Harry.

Patrick Jr. has not spoken to former co-star Megan Markle recently. Adams says he became Duchess of Sussex when he married Britain’s Prince Harry.
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Sussex settled in Santa Barbara after moving to North America earlier this year as senior members of the British royal family, and after living in Los Angeles and Vancouver, Canada.

A representative for the couple confirmed to Fox News that he had bought a house in a coastal town.

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“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to their family home in July this year,” a spokesman said. “Since their arrival they have settled in the peaceful privacy of their community and hope it will be respected by their neighbors and as a family.”

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