Latest Friday Night SmackDown Winners, Standards, Video Highlights

Street profit Were previously behind the stage SmackDown They are the Survivor Series and The Undertakers Farewell before Big E, starring as The Deadman. Profits talked about hitting a new day on Sunday before the fly announced it had a new day in SmackDown.

New Day is going to kick things in the ring and talk about the Undertaker, but Sammy Jane came out to make fun of The Deadman. Sammy The Undertaker retires because he was scared of Jayan after he tried to repay Chokeslam for no reason.

Sami demanded that they talk about him instead, and Woods & Coffee made fun of him. King Corbyn’s next, having trouble getting to New Day SmackDown or Corbyn calling it “his show”.

Ziggler and Rudd came out next, and they got a score to settle with the new day. Root and Ziggler wanted a title match, and Woods & Coffey were able to convince Corbyn & Sammy to fight for a title opportunity with Root & Ziggler.

Street profits came out and destroyed both challenging teams before joining the new day for the eight-man tag match in SmackDown.

New Day & The Street Gains on SmackDown vs. Sami Jain, King Corbin, Robert Root & Dolph Ziggler

Before Zigler was coded on the route with control by a kick, we turned away from the ads to see The Street profits dominate the competition. Root got into trouble for trading New Day tags before being in the Woods and Corbin ring.

Woods converted a chokehold before coding on Ford. Montes attacked Moonsalt, who was standing before Coffey came in for a cross, but accidentally kicked Ford out.

Posted 21 November 2020, 08:53 AM

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