Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebeck gifted land in the Hollywood Hills – deadline

A lifetime as a quiet defender has come to light in the days that followed Jeopardy! Host Alex TrebeckDeath.

Trebeck, who Died of cancer At the age of 80 this month, he donated 62 acres of land Hollywood Hills To the city Angels In 1998. The Trebek open space Running runs in Canyon Park. Mountains Entertainment & Security Power describes the land as “a sunny, well-established fire road” that “provides paths for mountaineers, mountaineers and horsemen.”

The Laurel Canyon Land Trust recalled donating with a Facebook post on the day Trebeck died.

“Alex Trebeck passed away today. Did you know that he was a popular game show host and an extra generous defender? He donated 62 acres of land in the Santa Monica Mountains in Nichols Canyon to create the Trebek open space, ”the Facebook post said.

“This is not only a gift to the urban angelinos who are thirsty for outdoor and outdoor activities, but also a gift to our native Mountain Lions, who need more open space to survive, and a gift to future generations to calculate climate change in the coming years,” the report said. “Thanks Alex Trebek and you keep quiet.”

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