Jennifer Lawrence says she was confronted after Anderson Cooper accused her of a fake Oscar fall

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Last week he revealed the time he allowed CNN Anderson Cooper On his accusation that he forged his fall while climbing the stage steps to accept his 2013 fall Oscar.

Lawrence said he was nervous about being nominated for Best Actress for “Silver Lining Playbook”, but he’s ready to win.

“I had it all in my head,” he told Heather McMahon on the “Of course not” podcast that aired Wednesday. “I was so nervous, but I was ready. All the adrenaline was coming out, they were calling my name, I’m glad, I’m shocked. Then I fell, it destroyed everything from my mind. My whole brain was empty. , But for a very long time the fall thing was very sensitive. “

Three days later, he said he heard Anderson Cooper say on his show, “Well, he’s a fake in the fall.”

Jennifer Lawrence says she has changed her political views: a line has been drawn in the sand ‘.

Jennifer Lawrence said she was confronted after she told Anderson Cooper on CNN on her show "Apparently" He dropped to the Academy Awards stage.

Jennifer Lawrence said she faced CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who “openly” lied about dropping the Academy Awards stage from her show.
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His words were “devastating, because it was a terrible shame for me,” he said.

Jennifer Lawrence sells a penthouse at a multimillion-dollar loss as Coronavirus encourages some new Yorkers to leave the city.

“What do I mean,” he added, “I saw him at a Christmas party, I let him know. My friend told me, a nerve goes out of my eyes. … What led me was, ‘Do you ever walk upstairs in a ball gown?’ Have you tried? Then how do you know? ”

Lawrence immediately apologized for a “wonderful” and he believes they are now good friends.

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She Laughed He told everyone he was “psycho”. “On my deathbed, I would say ‘Anderson Cooper’ at last,” he joked.

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