Now the James Webb Telescope will never see direct sunlight again. The telescope was also given the distinctive shape of a diamond.

In recent days, however, a few crosses have already been made. The day before yesterday, for example, James Webb his whole ‘neck’ outstretched. This created an opening, creating enough space for the sunshade to unfold fully. In addition, on December 30, the covers that covered the folded sun visor were also successfully removed.

This morning at 4:13 a.m. Dutch time, the whole procedure was completed. A total of 107 trigger mechanisms were activated to unfold the sun visor. As a result, the telescope now has a diameter of over fourteen meters. The sun visor is a kind of umbrella that protects the telescope’s instruments and mirrors from the heat of the sun. This keeps infrared instruments very sensitive to cold and allows them to continue to function properly.

Although the sun visor is now unfolded, the sun visor still needs to be stretched. This process is taking place a little later than expected as James Webb’s team are getting an extra day off today. The wait is that the shield will be extended after the weekend.

Curious about where the telescope is currently located? to this page you can track exactly where James Webb is and when the pieces are unfolded again.