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The international boxing federation IBA has suspended the federations of the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany and Sweden for their participation in rival organization World Boxing. This union was founded last month, with Dutchman Boris van der Vorst as provisional leader.

The United States has already canceled its membership of the IBA. The International Boxing Federation says the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany and Sweden are welcome back if they leave World Boxing.

Van der Vorst, president of the Dutch federation, wants to keep his sport of choice for the Olympic Games with the creation of Word Boxing. “We want to put in place a good structure, conduct a financially transparent policy and guarantee fair results: the best boxer must win and not the boxer from the most influential boxing federation,” he said last month.

It is only formally possible to apply for Olympic recognition if the IOC withdraws it from the IBA. This worldwide association has been suspended since 2019 due to administrative and financial problems. The IOC took responsibility for boxing qualifying and Olympic matches. Due to the chaos in the boxing world that has plagued the sport for years, the sport has not been included in the preliminary program for the 2028 Games in Los Angeles.

The IBA is headed by Umar Kremlev. The Russian always makes it clear that he doesn’t think Olympic status is that important. The IBA, which is financed by Gazprom, already decided last fall to authorize the return of boxers from Russia and Belarus to international competitions.

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