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As a real winter sports fan, you are of course always looking for an option to put on your skis. It may seem strange for this time of year, but there are still a number of ski areas open in June! During the warm months, you have to look higher in Europe, on the glaciers. You can also travel to the other side of the world for winter sports, where the ski season is just beginning.

Open ski areas in the Alps

At this time of year you can only ski in a few glacier ski areas in the Alps. The offer is limited in these ski areas and sometimes the ski lifts only operate for a few hours or only on weekends. There are two year-round ski areas in the Alps, which are: Hintertux Glacier in Austria and Matterhorn glacier paradise in Swiss. There are also a number of summer ski areas which only open in the summer and a few glacier ski areas which open a few months longer in the summer.

Summer ski areas, open only in summer:

You can also descend on the glaciers by:

The Saas-Fee summer ski area in Switzerland opens in July.

In the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, 7 of the 12 lifts are open today, you can ski in the ski area from 12 km of groomed slopes. You don’t want to be here today? !

Travel further for winter sports

June is the start month for many Southern Hemisphere ski resorts. In Argentina, Chile, the South American Andes, Australia and New Zealand, among others, the ski season will start this month if all the conditions are met. In Australia, the season often starts on the second Monday in June. It is also the king’s birthday and is celebrated with the start of the winter season. Most ski resorts open on this special day, regardless of snow conditions. The first ski resorts also hope to open in New Zealand in early June. Well-known ski areas in New Zealand are: Mt Hutt (open from June 9) and Coronet Peak (open from June 16).

If the conditions are wintry enough, you can also ski in June in the Andes in South America. Well-known ski areas in Argentina are: Catedral (open from June 10) and Las Lenas (open from June 17). Want to ski in June in Chile? Then you can go to the ski resorts: Valle Nevado (open from June 23) and Portillo (open from June 16).

Skiing in North America in June

So much snow has fallen in North America that the 2022/2023 ski season is still not over here. Some ski resorts will remain open as long as snow conditions permit. This applies, for example, to the Palisades Tahoe ski area, where the ski lifts are still in operation until July 4, according to the ski resort’s official website.

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In Asia to ski in June

In Asia, most ski resorts are closed in June, but you can descend in Gassan, Japan. The ski season here probably extends until the end of July. This is due to the large amount of snow that fell in March. Whether the ski resort really remains open all month, that is still the question. It’s thawing quite a bit in the area right now.

Indoor ski rooms

You can ski all year round in the covered halls! Here you don’t have to worry about whether there is enough snow on the slopes, because it is always cold enough in a hall for winter sports. SnowWorld has several ski halls in the Netherlands. For a day of winter sports, you can go to one of the sites!

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