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In the new ad, Republicans captured Schumacher’s idea of ​​’take Georgia’

“Now we take Georgia and then change the world,” Sen told a small crowd in New York celebrating Joe Biden’s election victory. Republicans have captured Chuck Schumer’s comments on Saturday.

Within hours, the National Republican Senatorial Committee took the views of the Senate minority leader and turned the state of Beach into an Atlanta Journal-Constitution-advertising ad calling the state “the last line of defense against socialism.” Announced.

Senate control in Georgia will not be decided until January 5.

Joe Biden was elected president by a margin of 270 votes. However, the Fox News results desk has not yet predicted a winner in Georgia, where Biden leads Trump on a razor-thin difference About 10,000 votes.

The Associated Press counts for the next Senate – after last week’s election – 48 Republicans and 48 Democrats. In Georgia’s electoral rules, legislators must win 50% of the vote.

Sen. of the Republican Party. David Pertue will face 49.9% of the electorate, finishing 49.78% against Democrat John Osof. Republican Sen. Kelly Lofler is the Rev. of the Democratic Party. Rafael Warnock will compete against the team. Lofler received 25.94% of the vote and Warnock 32.89%.

The Journal-Constitution pointed out that all four candidates running in the run-off election were “inextricably linked to each other.” Bertou’s coffee may hurt the loafers. The attack on Warnock would provoke Osap. ”

The Democrats were able to maintain control of the House and see the Senate as the ultimate goal of a firm understanding of the power levers in Washington.

Steven Law, chairman of the Senate Leadership Fund, is a Super PAC affiliated with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is a Fierce fighting over the next two months.

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“These two races represent the difference between the Democrats against the healthy test on their extreme left agenda of destroying minority rights, building the Supreme Court and creating new states. We were by far the largest outsider on the right. This fall in Georgia, we are measuring beyond the runs,” he said. Said.

The report was co-authored by Fox News’ Marisa Schultz, Thomas Paraby, Morgan Phillips and the Associated Press.

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