In search of the perfect photo in New York: thousands flock to “Manhattanhenge” | Abroad

Manhattanhenge, named after the British monument Stonehenge, can be seen each year in the periods around June and December: the two solstices, when the sun reaches its northernmost or southernmost point on earth, and is directly above one of these points. The name is not for nothing derived from the prehistoric Stonehenge, where traditionally the solstice is celebrated when the sun shines through the stones.

On Tuesday, the special sunset could be admired again. “The sun then sets exactly in line with the street and this attracts many spectators”, explains meteorologist Wouter Bernebeek from Weerplaza. Beautiful photos can also be taken in other cities with a rectangular street pattern, such as Chicago and Toronto, Canada.

The fact that Manhattanhenge attracts so many people is mainly due to the perfect shot. As a result, Twitter timelines are filled with images of the setting sun. Tourists also try their luck. Travel agents describe the phenomenon as an essential part of a trip to New York.

Did you miss Manhattanhenge this time or couldn’t get the perfect shot? Don’t panic, because the phenomenon will happen again in July. Be quick, it only takes a few minutes. And around December the sunrise is spectacular, so another chance to capture something special.

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