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Standing comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani Mostly known for bringing fun and joy, but in a recent Twitter thread The Silicon Valley The actor who expressed his concern about the epidemic and how the United States treated it badly compared to other countries is real.

Nanjiani was married Emily V. Garden, Who is at high risk when it comes COVID-19. They both wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay Big sick, Which is based on their relationship – which goes further into why Garden is at high risk. He took to Twitter and expressed his thoughts on the epidemic in a very honest thread.

He wrote: “Sorry. I am generally a very confident person and have struggled to stay positive for the past few months. But today is difficult. We go to a big cowboy spike and those who are supposed to protect us do nothing and accuse us of worrying. “

He continued: “We have been isolated for 8 months because my wife is in a high-risk group. We feel our country is falling apart. But it is not about us. We are lucky. More than 226,000 have died. Many families were destroyed. People have lost their homes and jobs… All of this was preventable. I see Govt cases and deaths in other countries and it feels like they are in another world. Do they treat the same disease we have? I think that’s the difference. They handle it. We are not. We politicized every repressive attempt. ”

How he spoke of the country, without naming Donald Trump, is that the administration has failed to serve its people during epidemics.

Before locking up, Nanjiani took precautionary measures. In early March, he quit reading the film Independent Live-Script The eternal light of the immaculate mind. He left the SXSW premiere of his comedy The Lovebirds Before the Austin-based festival was canceled due to an epidemic.

However, during the epidemics, Nanciyani and Gordon remained hopeful. They created the podcast Staying with Emily & Gmail To describe their isolated lives while raising funds for charities to help those affected by the epidemic. Late, they were very vocal and active when it came to the November 3 election.

Nanjiani and Gordon co-produced the critically acclaimed Apple TV + series Little America, It was Updated for the second season Before its first screening in January. Nanjiani will also appear in the upcoming Marvel Studios film Eternities, It is set to open in theaters on November 5, 2021. They were also guests The 100th episode of Deadline’s new Hollywood podcast.

Read Nanijiani’s Twitter thread below.

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