Great demand for speed: Hot Pursuit Revealed Leak Reveals November 6 Release Date, Cross-Drama Multiplayer and More

Posted by Sheriff Chad, Monday, 5 October 2020 08:51 GMT

Today’s Official Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Exposure Spoiled.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remaster True, this is coming sooner than you think. Twitter user En Renka_ Table Shared a great info dump, which appeared from the list of Japanese games.

According to the tweet, the remaster is coming on November 6th. The game is going to be available on all platforms, but the tweet only has covers for the PS4 and Switch versions. Like most remasters, it includes all previously released add-ons.

What’s more, the updated game comes with new content – worth about six hours, which includes more than 30 challenges, new makeup openings, new achievements and more. The biggest new addition, without question, is cross-platform multiplayer. The recently released EA brings cross-drama to many of its games Star Wars: Forces are a prime example, Not to mention the feature Apex is coming to Legends as well Tomorrow.

With all the new information, there were some new screen shots… which show a moderate graphical update. Keep a gamble below:

At this point EA is releasing a remaster of the criteria 2010 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Initially after a feed report Revealed the presence of the remaster, Then it became harder to hide.

Like the remasters, Retailer Lists Need for Speed: The Bob Hot Pursuit was replaced almost instantly. EA finally admitted it over the weekend With teaser and countdown clock It ends today 8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm BST.

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