Flipper Zero: A Powerful Hacking Device That Can Spam iPhones with Bluetooth Pop-ups

Title: Hacker’s Tool Unleashes Annoying Pop-Up Assault on iPhones

In a distressing turn of events, a popular and affordable hacking tool has emerged, allowing hackers to bombard iPhones with persistent pop-ups, causing a denial-of-service situation. The alarming attack, referred to as a “Bluetooth advertising assault,” was recently demonstrated by a renowned security researcher using a Flipper Zero device.

The Flipper Zero device, which broadcasts Bluetooth Advertisements, is cleverly leveraged by hackers to deceive iPhones. By sending a barrage of these advertisements, the attackers can overwhelm the targeted iPhones, rendering them almost useless. This highly disruptive attack has caught the attention of security experts and has been a topic of concern in recent times.

Worryingly, renowned tech publication TechCrunch successfully reproduced the attack on both the commonly used iPhone 8 and the advanced iPhone 14 Pro. This demonstration serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of even the latest Apple devices.

To replicate the attack, security researchers employed a proof-of-concept code, mimicking nearby AirTags to transfer phone numbers. Although the Bluetooth range is limited to close proximity, it has been highlighted that a hacker can capture multiple iPhones from across a room, potentially affecting a significant number of users simultaneously.

The exploitations employed in this attack are effective on iPhones with Bluetooth enabled or disabled via the Control Center. However, it is important to note that the attack does not work when Bluetooth is fully disabled in the device’s Settings.

This incident is not an isolated event. Security researchers have been expressing concerns about the potential abuse of Bluetooth technology by hackers, emphasizing the importance of developing robust security measures.

During the annual Def Con event, another researcher managed to scare and confuse attendees by bombarding their iPhones with alarming pop-up alerts. These incidents highlight the urgent need for Apple to address the security vulnerabilities associated with Bluetooth.

In this regard, Anthony, the security researcher who demonstrated the attack, has mentioned the existence of an attack capable of operating over long distances. However, to ensure user safety, he is refraining from disclosing further details at this time.

To mitigate such attacks in the future, experts suggest that Apple should enhance security by implementing measures like verifying legitimate Bluetooth devices and reducing the connection distance. These measures would help protect iPhone users from potential breaches and ensure a safer user experience.

As the threat of Bluetooth-based attacks continues to loom, it is crucial for both tech companies and users to remain vigilant and stay up-to-date with the latest security measures to safeguard their devices and personal information.

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