Dodo Finance: Overcoming Vaccine Fatigue – Urging You to Get Flu and COVID Shots: Poll Results

Title: Vaccine Fatigue Holds Back Immunization Efforts in British Columbia: Survey

As vaccine fatigue continues to rise, a recent poll conducted by Abacus Data on behalf of the Canadian Pharmacists Association has revealed that nearly half of British Columbians are experiencing hesitancy towards immunization. The survey, conducted among 1,650 adult Canadian residents aged 18 and over from August 3 to 7, 2023, provides valuable insights into people’s attitudes towards vaccines and their willingness to protect themselves against respiratory viruses.

According to the poll, 29% of respondents admitted that they probably won’t or definitely won’t get the flu shot, while 42% stated that they definitely will. When it comes to the COVID shot this fall, 35% indicated that they do not intend to get one, while 55% said they probably will. These figures underline the growing impact of vaccine fatigue on people’s decision-making processes.

Christine Antler, the region director for Pharmacy for Pharmasave, emphasized the significance of getting immunized despite vaccine fatigue. She highlighted the importance of vaccines in preventing illness and reducing the strain on the healthcare system. Antler urged all British Columbians, including healthy individuals, to stay updated with recommended vaccines and seek guidance from pharmacists.

Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry offered reassurance that vaccines will start arriving in British Columbia in early October. Priority populations will be invited to book vaccine appointments, enabling them to protect themselves against respiratory viruses such as the flu and COVID-19.

The availability of approved vaccines in British Columbia seems promising. Health Canada has already approved the Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty Omicron XBB.1.5. COVID-19 vaccines and the Moderna Spikevax vaccine, both of which will soon be available in the province. Additionally, the Novavax vaccine is expected to receive approval shortly and will also be accessible in British Columbia.

While vaccine fatigue poses a challenge to public health efforts, it is crucial for individuals to remember the role of immunization in safeguarding their well-being and that of their communities. The survey’s results underline the need for continued education and support from healthcare professionals to address vaccine hesitancy effectively.

In conclusion, the Abacus Data poll highlights the presence of vaccine fatigue among a significant portion of the British Columbian population. Despite these challenges, healthcare experts like Christine Antler stress the importance of staying updated with recommended vaccinations. With vaccines set to be available soon in the province and priority populations being prioritized, British Columbians are encouraged to consult with healthcare professionals and protect their health through immunization.

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