Denny Avtija travels to Washington to start an NBA career

At a significant moment for all sports fans in Israel, the Washington guides selected the 19-year-old Israeli Denny Avtija Late Wednesday night it ranks ninth in the 2020 National Basketball Association draft. Avtija’s close family and friends, who were at home in Israel due to the virtual nature of the event – jumped to Israel with applause in the early hours of the morning. Selection announced Israeli sentiment McCabe has been featured for Tel Aviv for the past several years and will now take his talents to the US capital. With the exception of Avtiza, the Boston Celtics in the second round picked up the 47th pick with a draft. , The second time two Israelis have been selected in the same NBA draft. The last time this record was achieved was in 2006, when Lior Elijah and Yottam Halperin were selected by Orlando Magic and Seattle Supersonics, 44th and 53rd, respectively. The witches were surprised to be able to capture 6 people. -Boot-9 Avtija elevated him to the draft committee in the ninth exam. They thought he would be selected earlier in the first round. “He’s definitely the top player left in our team,” said Tommy Sheppard, general manager of the guides, who has been following Avtija’s progress for many years. “Our international scouts have been with this kid since he was 16. I would call him a mixed player. Whoever is out on the ground can do plays with him.”
With the selection, Avtija became Israel’s first lottery choice (one of the first 14 selections) and the second first rounder, joining Omri Cosby, who was selected as the 23rd overall in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Avdija Wizards star Bradley Peel and John Wall (expected to return after a long injury) will be joined by rising star Rui Hachimura. Under head coach Scott Brooks he will definitely play a lot of the time. “I like his toughness. I love his IQ … he enters his court and competes, ”Brooks said. I look forward to every exam and butterflies are flying around your stomach, ”Avtija told a news conference for the Israeli media following her selection. “I had no expectations, I was ready for any situation. Our country is surprised to have chosen the ninth and top 10 places. I’m looking forward to coming to Teenager Washington.” I had a short conversation with the mentors, which so far everyone has shown is a great one. I said club, and when I was elected the whole staff cheered me on, and they all wanted to feel at home. It’s a big city, the capital of the United States and the White House. “
Avtiza promises that he will do everything he is asked to do and will do whatever it takes to win the games, for what he can offer the team in the coming season. “I don’t think about how many minutes I will get, how many I will be on the court. But I see what I can do to help the team win games. I will do everything I can to win games. It would be a great trip. “My parents and my country are very proud and they are all part of me and will be with me to move my whole life forward. My message to the children of Israel is that if you work hard and do your best, I will show them that you will go a long way in life. “Avtija will go to DC in the coming days and he is fine and he knows that he will now be the unofficial ambassador for the whole state. “I am Israel [the nation of Israel] At best, I look forward to representing our country. I will work hard to make everyone proud. “When he gets to Washington, Avtiza will have to be isolated and then go straight to training camp ready for the 2020/21 season, which opens on December 22.” I’ll give everything I have to be at the club, “he said.” I know what Washington can do for me. Believe me, believe me. I will do everything I can. “Avtija now has the opportunity to make an impact in the local Jewish community in the Washington area and throughout North America, where he will be seen as a hero.” I am proud of the Jewish communities and I am proud of everyone around me. “
Since he did not pull out his name a week ago after he was in the draft, it was doubtful that Mather would be selected by one of the 30 teams, but his decision proved to be correct by the NBA owner. The 6-foot-4 guard, who plays his club basketball with Haboyal Tel Aviv, has shown more promise since he exploded on the international scene in the summer of 2019, according to Danny Ainge, general manager of the European Championships Celtics in Tel Aviv, when he was part of the winning Israeli Under-20 team. . “He’s a player we ‘ve seen a little bit in Israel. We’ll see if it works, it will be another year,” Inghe said. Paul Pierce et al. “It’s a great honor to be a part of this organization,” the Israeli said. “I don’t know where everything is going, but it’s very exciting to be with my family at this time. A dream since I was a child. It was a dream come true and I am so happy. “The challenge for playing for the Celtics is something pleasing to Beat Dugan natives, as well as representing the Jewish community in Greater Boston and North America.” I represent them and I want to do it the best way I can and at the highest level. “I will do everything I can to do the best I can, I will do what I have to do. I know what my role is and I will grow from there. ”

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