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I do not mean to disparage the good name of this blog often with American election content, but if you are thinking, we may know the result (Georgia may be called in the US on Thursday night – to break Trump’s narrow margin if Biden manages, we can be a winner):

Five states, Alaska, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, have not yet been invited. Several news organizations, including the Associated Press and Fox News’ end table, invited Arizona Joe Biden. The Trump campaign argues, however, that the call was made too quickly.

Alaska Ending in the Republican column.

The race is very tight Georgia, And may be called Thursday night. By 11pm, Trump was leading by just 1,902 votes, with the two candidates tied almost 49.4% each in the state. 16,000 votes left to count.

Helen Sullivan
(len Helenzullivan)

When do we know the outcome of the US election?

(Maybe tonight)

November 6, 2020

The democratic challenge is present Nevada, There are only democratic-leaning late postal ballots. But under state law, postmarked votes on election day can be counted until 5pm on November 10, meaning counting can continue in the state over the weekend.

In North Carolina, While Trump is the obvious option, the government accepts postal votes until November 12 – however this is expected to make little difference.

At 11pm ET, there are about 250,000 ballots left to count Pennsylvania, Biden is less than 49,000 votes. He is winning the mail-in vote by a huge margin and can take the state well. Pennsylvania officials expect more votes to be counted by Friday.

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