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Corona virus-infected sons criticize Cumo’s Emmy after ‘horror show’ in nursing homes

New York Government Andrew Cuomo He will receive an Emmy Award for it Corona virus Explanations, but brothers Peter and Daniel Arpini joined “Fox & Friends WeekendTo commemorate his devastating decision to fill nursing homes with COVID-19 patients.

The father of the Orpini brothers died while being rehabilitated at a New York hospital. Daniel Arbini said their family lost a total of five relatives in the same week – four die from COVID-19; Three nursing home exposure.

“My father was an active 88-year-old who still worked at 88,” he said. “Very sharp.”

Janice Dean responds to Cuomo’s Emmy Award for ‘Leadership’ with Coronavirus Infection

Peter Arpini said Cuomo was unworthy of praise for his and his brother’s response to the epidemic as “cow orphans.”

New York State Andrew Cuomo speaks at a daily press conference on July 23, 2020 in the New York City Governor’s Office. (Photo by Gina Moon / Getty Images)

“She deserves the Academy Award for directing and creating a horror show in nursing homes,” he said. “His March 25 order to re-admit positive COVID patients to nursing homes was made without any science, thousands of people died. My brother and I stand as COVID orphans in front of the American people.”

“The governor has to own his mistakes,” he said. “He must apologize for the mistakes he has made and close this order to protect the most vulnerable.”

When the brothers were able to take their father out of the nursing home, Daniel Arpini said he first saw how “bad” conditions were at the peak of the virus due to lack of support.

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Before and after his father’s death, Daniel said he and his family had partnered with various organizations to raise money and donate thousands of personal protective equipment.

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