But *WHY* are so many companies participating so aggressively in this transgender stuff? This is the @BlackRock ESG Corporate Equality Index

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Unilever, Adidas, BudLite, Ford, MillerLite, Transformers, disneyNATO and D66 family businesses, Target and so on for a while. What catches them? Is it really just wanting to sovereignly navigate the social contagion that is almost entirely responsible for the astronomical rise in trans cases? Is it really just the fact that HR meeps come from social science faculties and the prevailing orthodoxies there are the Council chamber in smugglers?

Well, to ask the question is to answer it, because the answer is of course; No. There is one in addition to all the organic explanations BlackRock Knife on the throat with companies: Environment, Social and Governances also called ESG Business Equality Index (IEC), overseen by the largest 2SLGBTQI+ lobby in the world the “””Human Rights Campaign Foundation“”” (wiki).

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager and a major shareholder of the biggest companies. BlackRock CEO Larry Finks will therefore rule the roost.

BlackRocks Business Equality Index awards a maximum of 100 points for “1. Labor Protections (5 possible points), 2. Inclusive Benefits (50 possible points), 3. Supporting an inclusive culture (25 possible points), 4. Corporate Social Responsibility (20 possible points) and 4. Responsible citizenship (25 points possible).

Below “Corporate social responsibility”, good for 20 points, we find: “Marketing or advertising to LGBTQ consumers (e.g. advertising with LGBTQ+ contentadvertising in LGBTQ media or sponsorship of LGBTQ organizations and events).

In short, this deluge of transgender ads represents a fifth of that coveted Business Equality Indexscore. Because pee to the vanquished if you are outside the boat falls.

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BlackRock’s lightning fast ESG law unless you go online


The most coveted titles in business (more after the break)

For what? That is why

CEOLarry Fink

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