Before the NFL trading deadline, W.R. The Cowboys are not ready to deal with Michael’s time

Frisco – Michael Caleb did not score a pass in the first half on Sunday. During the second came little opportunity; One of the two passes on purpose traveled out of bounds. His 36 goals are the fifth-highest on the team, half of Amy Cooper’s total and 20 less than the Rookie CD Lamb.

The third year wide receiver was not too late to engage much.

He is not subject to underestimation.

A Cowboys official was approached on Wednesday to say that Gallup’s opinion could be resolved before the NFL trading deadline on Tuesday. The door of opinion on the harsh response was clearly closed, not giving up the opportunity. It’s easy to see why the team at Caleb is so elegant.

If the Cowboys traded a wide receiver, he would not be a logical choice.

First, those figures are a bad measure of his value, as to why the team naturally retains the galley. They have no environment.

This week, Dallas unveiled its No. 3 quarterback, Rookie Ben Dinucci. Injuries to Doug Prescott and Andy Dalton forced Dinusi to break the slow-growing shell and ask him to learn to fly abruptly. Dalton will not be able to destroy the concussion protocol in a timely manner until James Madison’s seventh round pick starts Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys’ offensive line is in disarray.

Injuries disrupted the unit, with Tyrone Smith (neck) missing all but two games rather than the left game and right-hander Loyal Collins (hip) missing every game. Right-hander Jack Martin (concussion) was not available for the Washington football team last Sunday, although he will return this weekend.

Caleb directs the deepest paths of any player on the list. On average, he is 15.9 yards away from ScreamMage when it comes to a pass, the fifth-largest depth among NFL players with at least 30 goals. Of course, in the midst of quarterback instability, behind this perverse line and on the receiver-deep list, his 2020 productivity has suffered.

The future is bright.

The 24-year-old Caleb is an affordable option in 2021, as the pay cap will be lower than initially planned due to the impact of COVID-19’s share league revenue. Except for an off-season extension, he owes $ 20,920,000 in the final year of his rookie contract.

It only makes the cowboys less willing to move. There is also the matter of gallop as a player and as a person. How he feels in the locker room and how he fights for football in competing Downfield catches are qualities that the Cowboys need most.

There is a fair amount of media and fan speculation as to whether Galep can cope, perhaps for a competitor like Green Bay Packers, because he is such an attractive and undisputed commodity.

A very strong case could be made for Cooper.

Now, as an important premise, this does not mean that the Cooper-related business is immediate or growing. On Wednesday evening, a second group of officers opposed the idea of ​​a Cooper deal.

That said, if the cowboys were leaning, it would be maneuverable.

They need to find an NFL club that would like to accept and take on the five-year, $ 100 million deal that Cooper signed in March. This is less threatening than it sounds. Cooper, if acquired, would only account for about $ 5 million against a new team’s 2020 salary cap.

Any trading partner could win Cooper’s full guaranteed salary of 20 million in 2021 because all NFL clubs control the aforementioned tight cap. However, there is an easier work package. That team can turn his $ 20 million salary into a signing bonus, which spreads success over four years (or even five in addition to an optional year).

The trading partner must put $ 20 million in the escrow and provide appropriate draft-selection compensation to the cowboys to conclude the contract. According to the OverCap website, that draft compensation can expect at least an additional third, fourth and fifth round of draft compensation selection for Dallas ’2021 reserves.

Cooper’s contract is reasonable for a competitor who needs a receiver. Meanwhile, the broad receiver is the deepest point on the Cowboys list. At 2-5, as the injuries escalate, they are no longer a realistic competitor.

Michael Ginnity, co-founder of the Spotrock website, said the Cooper business had spent $ 14.7 million on the Cowboys Cooper’s half-season, and that they would make $ 14 million in place of the 2021 salary cap no matter what commercial assets they buy.

“It can be very worthwhile,” Jinnity said.

Trade deadlines trigger speculation about possible moves. This is part of their fun and glamor.

These are a lot of words dedicated to the topic when the Cowboys did not plan to trade one of their best broadcasters before Tuesday. But if you are in the business of speculating about a recipient, at least choose the right one. It’s not Caleb.


File - In this November 16, 2019 file photo, Ohio State Cornerback Shawn Wade (24) reacts after interrupting the first half of the game against the Ruggers at Biscay, NJ (AP Photo / Adam Hunger, file)

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