Balmermore Ravens OC Conversation Says ‘Not New’ After Lamar Jackson Says Calling Drama is Security

Owings Mills, M.D. – A day after the quarterback Lamar Jackson Baltimore said the Ravens’ play was a defense call, and attack coordinator Greg Roman chalked it up until the regular chess match that takes place during the games.

“Calling plays for safety is nothing new,” Roman said Thursday. “They’re going to be right sometimes [and] They go wrong sometimes. I think we know that. But it is definitely an element of the game. It has always been, and always will be. “

Ravens ’offense is in the midst of a significant drop from last season, dropping from 2nd in yards per game in 2019 to 23rd at midway point in the 2020 season. On Wednesday, Jackson told The Rich Eisenhower that Baltimore was the most predictable of the crime, “they call our plays, things like that. They know what we’re doing.”

When asked about the NFL MVP’s comments, Roman gave a two – minute answer, which started with how Jackson started out as a better competitor who wanted to win every game, every game.

“When people call for something, he definitely comments to me on what to do,” Roman said. “That’s definitely part of what we’re talking about.”

Is Jackson allowed to listen when the guards hear him call plays?

“There are definitely some plays that are available and structured that are audible,” Roman said. “Some quarterbacks are audible or have the freedom to listen to every play. Sometimes it works well for them, sometimes it doesn’t. Some people don’t do this. I would say we’ve been there somewhere.”

Not all of the Ravens ’struggles can be blamed on the playcalling. Injuries have hit the attack, where two starters – left-hander Ronnie Stanley and right-back Dyer Phillips – are in injured reserves. This comes after Pro Bowl right guard Marshall Yanda retired in the offseason. In addition, Jackson has not been very accurate this season (26th in closing percentage) and Baltimore wide receivers have had almost as many falls through eight games this year (nine) as they did last year (10).

Still, frustration is mounting within the Baltimore offense this season. Wide receiver after Ravens’ 28-24 loss to Pittsburgh Steelers on November 1 Marquis “Hollywood” Brown It was tweeted from the deletion that he was not used enough in the passing game. Jackson has now revealed that Baltimore is very deliberate about crime.

“We are well aware of our tendencies,” Roman said. “Now we know there are some, and that’s interesting. When you’ve been good at something, you’ll have the opportunity to move the script forward at some point while still pressing that button.”

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