Australia Govt: Zero local cases have been registered for the first time since June

The apparent turning point comes after a few months Victoria declared a “catastrophic state.” To prevent an outbreak that saw 725 people in a single day positive for the virus in the southeastern state.

“June 9 is the 1st National Zero Community Transfer Day,” Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Twitter on Sunday.

“Thank you to our wonderful health and public health staff and above all to the Australian people.”

Meanwhile, Melbourne, the central city of Australia Corona virus is highly contagious, Marked the second day in a row without cases spreading domestically.

Since completing its tough 112-day lockout on Tuesday, the 5 million city has registered only seven new local Govt-19 cases.

Victoria, the capital of Melbourne, has seen a steady decline in the number of active cases in the state over the past 30 days, with at least 20,300 of Australia’s more than 27,500 corona virus cases.

Prior to Sunday’s announcement, the number of new infections in Victoria had been in single digits since Oct. 13.

In early August, Victoria was registering hundreds of cases a day, leading state officials in Western Europe and the United States to implement severe epidemics that governments have been reluctant to act on for fear of damaging the economy. This includes putting Melbourne residents under a seven-week lockout and parking almost all trips outside.

The federal government also closed state borders for non-essential travel.

Although the decision to lock down Melbourne was unpopular with some individuals, by late September, cases had dropped to low double digits, and the government began to lift restrictions.

State officials say they are considering removing additional restrictions if trends continue in the right direction.

CNN’s Josh Berlinger contributed to the story.

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