Apple November Event Preview: Apple Silicon MacBook Air & Pro, Big Sur Release, More

We’m a few days away from Apple’s third special event. After previous events focused on the iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone, Apple’s November 10 event will focus on the Apple Silicon shift in the Mac lineup.

Read on as we round out everything you need to know before next week’s “One More Thing” event.

When is the Apple Silicon November event?

Apple Silicon Mac event on November 10th at 10am PT / 1pm ET. This is completely virtual due to the COVID-19 infection, which is similar to the Apple Watch event in September and the iPhone 12 event last month. We expect a pre-recorded video from Apple Park featuring Tim Cook and a few Apple executives.

You can stream the event live through Apple’s website, YouTube and the Apple TV app.

Apple silicone

Again, the focus of the November 10 event will definitely be on Apple’s plans to convert the Mac lineup to Apple Silicon processors. Apple first announced its plans for this change at the WWDC in June, and teased that the first Apple Silicon Mac would be introduced to customers in 2020.

Another incompatible Intel chip defect was discovered

Currently, Apple uses Intel processors in the Mac line, but this is not the first time Apple has converted the Mac to a new processor configuration. In fact, Apple first announced its plans to switch from PowerPC processors on the Mac to Intel processors at the WWDC in 2005.

With Apple Silicon, Apple will have more control over their timeline and the production of processors used on the Mac. It is no secret that the relationship between Apple and Intel has increased over the past several years The chipmaker faced several production delays, Thereby affecting the Mac lineup as well.

Of course, Apple has shown its ability to build its own processors over the years with the iPhone and iPad. Now, it will bring the same processors to the Mac.

Apple’s first round ARM Macs are believed to be based on the same A14 configuration found on the iPod Air and iPhone 12. However, the processors are optimized for large thermal windows and the power characteristics of laptops. In fact, in April, Bloomberg said it was the first ARM Mac chip Containing 12-core design

First we expect to see here.

13 inch MacBook Pro

Most recently, Bloomberg Announced One of the first Apple Silicon Macs will be the new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. This was reported by more credible people Secret leak on Twitter L0vetodream And Confirmed by Ming-Ci Guo.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon is expected to be similar to the current 13-inch MacBook Pro. That said, don’t expect any dramatic redesign with this year’s MacBook Pro update. Reports now indicate that a new, redesigned 14-inch MacBook Pro may be available in 2021.

Further details on what to expect from this new MacBook Pro are not clear right now, but we will learn more from Apple on Tuesday.

New MacBook Air

Bloomberg, Guo and L0Vodotreme have announced that the new 13-inch MacBook Air is one of the first Apple Silicon Macs. This is again the new MacBook Air, which has the same design as the current MacBook Air, but has Apple silicone inside.

Apple silicone can be particularly tough on the MacBook Air’s small and slim form factors, which offer improved battery life, performance and thermal capabilities.

Other Mac Hardware Announcements

In addition to those two Mac announcements, Apple is also reportedly developing a new 16-inch MacBook Pro. However, it is not clear whether this machine will be announced during Tuesday’s event. It is likely to come in early 2021 because it is the most powerful and dedicated GPU.

Other reports suggest that Apple may introduce New 12-inch MacBook Its first Apple Silicon Max was one of them. The more powerful Apple silicon chips are said to be able to provide 15-20 hours of battery life for such a machine.

Comment via Sweatable

Apple is It is also said to be growing New iMac, new Mac Mini and new Mac Pro. None of these desktop updates are expected to be announced during Tuesday’s event, and you should keep in mind that Apple has That said it takes about 2 years Convert the entire Mac lineup to Apple Silicon.

macOS 11 Big Sur

During Tuesday’s event, Apple will announce the release date of the MacOS 11 Big Summary. During WWDC 2020, Apple first introduced the Big Source, and this is the only software update announced at WWDC that has not yet been released to the public.

macOS 11 Big Sur is the biggest update for the Mac, which includes a completely redesigned interface, the use of all new messages, an all-new control center and notification center, and more. You can see 9to5Mac’s full coverage of what’s new in the MacOS Big Sur:

As for the Apple Silicon Mac, the introduction of the MacOS 11 Big Zurin will also include the ability to run iPod and iPhone applications on the Mac. We expect Apple to spend considerable time talking about this during Tuesday’s event, including demonstrations of popular iPhone and iPod apps running on the first Apple Silicon Mac.

Other possibilities

Outside of the Apple silicon change for the Mac, there are some other possibilities that Apple may announce during its November event, although some of them are unlikely.

Airboats Studio

Reports have been circulating for a long time that Apple will soon launch its own pair of over-the-ear headphones. These are believed to be separate from the Beats brand And providing such features Head and neck detection, custom balance systems and more.

9to5Mac The leaked iOS 14 beta code also found evidence of what is known as Airports Studio, Including assets Shows at least two color options for the new accessory. In terms of price, Rumor has it The lowest priced “Sport” variant costs 9 349 and the “Luxury” version costs 99 599. From leather and metal.

A Recent Report Bloomberg Indicated Airports Studio is delayed due to production issues with the design. The headphones were supposed to go into production several weeks ago, but mass production is said to be delayed. This is the Airports Studio that was not actually released to the public until 2021.


For more than a year now, rumors have been pointing out that Apple has been growing on its own Like tile Item Monitors. In June 2019, 9to5Mac Properties within the specified iOS 13 are reported A product type is “Tag1,1.” Since then, 9to5Mac Evidence of discovery “Airtax” name and references too Appeared in the released video By Apple.

We initially expected the AirDax to be released during last year’s iPhone 11 event, then at WWDC 2020, and then during Apple’s September event this year. Most recently, John Fraser pointed out that the leak could have been AirTax Announced during the November event.

You can find everything we know so far Airtights in our full guide here.

New Apple TV

Apple is said to be working on the new Apple TV and the new Siri remote as well. A proof New Apple TV hardware update The iOS code has been around for a while, and a recent report pointed out that one of the changes was the fast chip Improved gaming performance.

As for the new Apple TV remote, Bloomberg Suggested One of the updates would be support for locating my app. This will make it easier for people to find when the distance is missing at home. It remains to be seen whether there are other improvements to the controversial Siri remote.

The new Apple TV is likely to be unveiled during its November event, but it could be saved later this year or early next year.

Wrapping up the Apple November event

As you can see, Apple’s plans are to start the Apple Silicon transition slowly and without major changes to the rest of the Mac lineup. The change will start with the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Reports also indicate dramatic changes Including updates for models like the Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro, 2021 and beyond may occasionally be a way out.

9to5Mac will have full coverage of Apple’s November event, so tune in to PT / 1pm ET on Tuesday, November 10 at 10am with everything you need to know. What are you most excited to see during the event? Let us know in the comments below.

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