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Americans take polls: ‘I’m going to vote, my life depends on it’

Michael McDonald, a professor of political science at the University of Florida, said: “The problems facing this country are generational. Mr. He said with the increased political involvement since Trump’s election, the Epidemic and Black Lives Matter movement has produced more energetic voters.

Proceed with Election 2020

“We want to care about other things in our lives, but right now, politics is so important, people are involved,” he said. Of course, non-battlefield states, or states with no statewide competition, are unlikely to generate such intense voter interest, and early turnout will sometimes lag For reasons ranging from different start dates to hurricanes to disruptions.

But amid the swelling, there is growing concern about the gap between unclaimed ballots and those withdrawn. With just a few days left, the requested 36 million votes have not been withdrawn or rejected. Many of those votes may still be in the mail or in the process or may now have been sent to individuals who plan to vote in person.

Any problems with the early vote will affect Democrats more than Republicans. In almost every state, Democrats are demanding a lower turnout than Republicans. In Pennsylvania, nearly two million registered Democrats demanded a non-voting vote, compared to less than 790,000 Republicans. While 70 percent of Democrats have returned their ballots, about 590,000 votes cast for registered Democrats have not yet been returned, and 360,000 votes have been cast for registered Republicans.

Pennsylvania, one of the most important war-torn states, has not been increasingly affected by a flurry of lawsuits related to the deadline for voters to vote. The Supreme Court has opened the door to future judgment on ballots that are postmarked by election day but arrive late, and the state voter is asked to divide those votes among all district election officials.

Concerns about the U.S. Postal Service have raised tensions. The company said in a statement that staffing issues caused by the epidemic were causing problems in some facilities, including central Pennsylvania. It has been filed that only 78 per cent are employees.

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