A further 1,363 COVID-19 cases and 6 deaths were reported Wednesday as Utah hospitalized the highest number.

Salt Lake City – Number of Utah COVID-19 Cases rose to 1,363 on Wednesday, and six deaths were reported Utah Department of Health.

The government also records the number of patients currently hospitalized, with 314 COVID-19 patients admitted to a hospital in Utah as of Wednesday, according to the Department of Health. Wednesday was the first day Utah announced at more than 300 current hospitals since the outbreak began.

The government now estimates there are 24,843 serious illnesses in Utah. The average number of positive cases a day for seven days is 1,283, according to the Department of Health. The positive test rate per day during that period is now 15.1%.

The new numbers represent a 1.4% increase in positive events since Tuesday. Of the 993,995 people tested for COVID-19 in Utah so far, 9.9% have tested positive for the disease. An increase of 7,571 trials was reported in the state as of Wednesday.

Of the 314 people currently hospitalized, 111 are in the intensive care unit – another record high, according to state data. State data show that about 73% of all ICU beds in Utah are occupied as of Wednesday, while 52% of non-ICU beds are filled.

The six deaths announced on Wednesday were as follows:

  • Washington County woman aged 65 to 84 and a resident of a long-term care center
  • The Salt Lake County man was over 85 and was hospitalized when he died
  • The Salt Lake County man, aged 65 to 84, was hospitalized when he died
  • The Weber County man, aged 65 to 84, was hospitalized when he died
  • The Salt Lake County man, aged 25 to 44, was hospitalized when he died
  • A Utah County woman aged 65 to 84 and living in a long-term care facility

Wednesday presents a total of 98,006 confirmed cases for Utah, with a total of 4,807 hospitalized and 557 diseases with total deaths. A total of 72,606 Utah Govt-19 cases have been recovered, according to the Department of Health.

The COVID-19 press conference is not scheduled for Wednesday. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is scheduled to attend her monthly PPS Utah news conference at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, where she will discuss topics related to the corona virus.

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Test results now include data from PCR tests and antigen tests. Positive COVID-19 test results are reported to the health department as soon as they are confirmed, but negative test results are not reported for 24 to 72 hours.

The total number of cases reported by the Utah Department of Health each day since the outbreak in Utah began, including the number of victims, survivors and deaths.

Recovered cases are defined as those who have been infected with COVID-19 for three or more weeks and have not died.

According to the Department of Health, deaths reported by the state usually occur two to seven days earlier. Some deaths may still be behind, especially if the person is from Utah, but dies in another state.

The Department of Health reports confirmed and possible COVID-19 case deaths within the case limits defined by the State Council and regional epidemiologists. The death toll is subject to change once the trial is over.

The data included in this story primarily reflect the state of Utah as a whole. For more localized data, visit your local health district website.

More information on Utah’s health guidance levels is available here

Information from the Utah Department of Health and For more information on how the Utah Department of Health compiles and reports COVID-19 data, see Scroll to the “Data Notes” section at the bottom of the page.

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